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Why choose us


African Orion Construction is a majority black woman owned company that earns your trust. We are upfront and honest even if it means sharing bad news. You can trust us as a partner, just as we trust our partners.

Great People

That’s the essence of African Orion Construction – great people. Their capabilities; the caliber of project managers, coordinators, supervisors and project teams that AOC provides. With our experience AOC will take on challenging projects and reach beyond, we will  look past the project scope for issues and take care of things.


African Orion Construction and its staff, consultants and contractors have vast experience and depth that can be relied on especially when issues are new or unexpected. Their experience can be tapped to make viable solutions. We look down the road and then providing solutions to potential problems.


African Orion Construction core values. We knows what’s important and it emulates throughout our patners. Values that translate to great results. We are able to handle projects and meet schedule deadlines with top quality.


The philosophy and culture at African Orion Construction goes a long way for the team and the clients. African Orion Construction has a very good team-based attitude, working together to find solutions and not blame.


At African Orion Construction, we take pride in our work and we get a quality product. From the front office to the guy in the field, everyone is dedicated to the job and is willing to do their part and do it proactively.


African Orion Construction strives to be the best and be a “boots on the ground” type of company. DPR allows its employees to make innovative hands-on decisions out in the field; the freedom certainly makes for better employees. We also recognize the cultural diversity of all people on the African continent and respect their values and traditions.


We see ourselves as a progressive company that thinks outside of the box. Modern enough for large projects, while still having a small company personal touch. Available resources both in-house and with top-tier subcontractors brings a high level of integrity, collaboration, technology and professionalism are attributes we see as a non-negotiable for all our project teams.


At African Orion Construction, we always do the job professionally without being asked, but there are always fun events which mix people up and are good for everybody. We are serious about our clients and our work but always try to keep it light, with a good sense of humor.